One Dozen Real Free Range Eggs

Varies seasonally. Orders from our weekly customers are filled first. Subsequent orders are filled on a first in, first served basis.
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Out of Stock

Our 1 DOZEN REAL FREE RANGE EGGS are available for customers who are also purchasing one of our following packs:

What do you believe "free range eggs" means?

Many eggs in supermarkets are labelled "free range". To meet meet industry requirements these supposedly "free range" hens are shut indoors and at best giving them token access to the outdoors, which may include a patch of grass a couple of times a year. Their ration is carefully monitored to make sure each eggs tastes the same. The life of the hen is regimented. 

That isn't the kind of farming we support. And more importantly those aren't the eggs we want to eat. 

We believe the most wholesome and nutritious eggs come from hens who have the freedom to roam, scratch, eat wild seeds, and exercise in the sunshine every day.

We give our hens a spacious mobile shelter designed to cater to the needs of the hen and the land. At night they rest safely on their perch together, by day they have a home base to lay, and each week we can shift them to fresh pasture. The immediate effects of this rotation-grazing are threefold:

  1. The soil and plant life are evenly enriched with manure and the land is given time to rest and rejuvenate.
  2. Our hens pick from the freshest, cleanest grasses; they are not forced to dwell in their own filth in a stationary enclosure. 
  3. Our hens do not require medication. We avoid illnesses common to laying hens because their regular movement across the paddock beats the life cycle of common parasites. 
What to expect with your REAL FREE RANGE EGGS

Each egg is unique in size, taste and colour because they are produced by hens that are literally free to range to fill their dietary needs. 

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Egg Size

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This order will be delivered with your GRASS FED BEEF or GRASS FED LAMB pack order. 

The number of eggs available changes with the seasons. As a small business we must first serve our longstanding and loyal regular patrons; without them we would not exist. This means orders from our weekly customers are filled first. Subsequent orders are filled on a first in, first served basis. 


$16.50 delivery. 

FREE DELIVERY is available with orders over $150 to Ayr, Giru and Townsville. We will contact you when your beef has been scheduled with the butcher and arrange a delivery/collection date. If delivery dates are not suitable for you, please arrange collection from the farm.


Cancellations are not available for this product. 


We do not have organic certification. Our focus is on enhancing the soil, water and biodiversity of grasses, not to simply remove the use of harsh chemicals in our farming practices. We encourage you to arrange a visit to St Margaret's Creek and ensure we meet your standards. 

A snapshot of what you need to know:

  • Free delivery with your orders over $150.
  • Availabliity is seasonal; we will fully refund you if we cannot fulfill your order
  • No cancellations
  • Clean egg cartons can be returned for reuse 
Stocking Rate:
100 free range hens per hectare
Stock Density:
1500 free range hens per hectare
Money Back Guarantee:
100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product.
Lead Time & Fulfilment:
Delivered with your Grass Fed Beef or Grass Fed Lamb Pack.
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1 dozen
Min. 600g per dozen
Egg Size: