Farming with Nature

After decades on the farm we've grown fiercely committed to farming in a way that works with nature, not against it. 

We believe that the foundation of a nutrient-dense farming ecosystem is rich, fertile soil. Using a modern system based on ancient animal patterns we aim to regenerate the landscape through the management of our livestock. 

What we do differently?

We move our cattle regularly in a high density rotation system mimicking the migrations of large herbivores prior to human intervention. This means our animals always eat fresh pasture and can spread their nutrients evenly across the land. The system ensures we have an enormous diversity of grass species and our animals enrich the top soil with their foraging, manure and disturbance.

What are the benefits of natural, rotation-grazing?

  1. With careful management the movement of cattle, sheep  and poultry can significantly improve the land. High density rotation grazing keeps the soils active and exposes our cattle to a great range of phyto nutrients, which improves their general well-being. Palatable plants thrive in this system so the cattle feed on our farm improves year by year.

  2. Moving the herd regularly is excellent for parasite control. 

  3. The cattle are also calm and content because they are familiar with human interaction and they don't get easily stressed. 

Why we are not organic?

We have no intention or interest in applying for certifications that merely look good on paper and increase retail value. In our view, organic certification guarantees a farm will not use harmful chemicals at any stage of production, and it does this well. However we believe that aside from the avoidance of chemicals the main marker of healthy, wholesome food is a thriving landscape, clean water, fresh air and rich soil. All certifications will fall short here, so should you wish to certify our farm for yourself we welcome you to arrange a visit at 

At St Margaret's Creek we do not use herbicides, antibiotics or drenches.

When the sub-tropical climate is thick with flies and mosquitoes after rain we will spray a dose of organically certified fly spray to the backs of beef cattle, who would otherwise suffer in these conditions.